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Installing a heat pump or furnace is one of those times to trust a certified HVAC contractor. Our HVAC technicians receive extensive, ongoing training and certification so your installation goes quickly and easily. You don’t want to experience what can go wrong in the hands of an inexperienced contractor.

While deciding on the right furnace or heat pump, we’ll make sure it is properly sized. You’ll be surprised to know that many well-intended sales people think “bigger is better” and nothing could be farther from the truth. You want to make sure a proper load calculation has been performed so you get the right fit for your home.

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Air conditioning is going into more and more homes in Montana.  Mountain Heating and Cooling has put together a wide variety of options to meet your needs at the right budget.  We have central air conditioning, which uses duct to distribute comfort to your home through two of the best brands in the industry in Trane and Lennox.  If you do not have duct in your home, don’t worry.  We can help you with a ‘Ductless’ solution.

Make your investment in air conditioning pay off by adding a heat pump.  Find out how or contact us today.

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When you hire us to install a new furnace, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing we have the following items under control and are prepared to handle any issue should it arise.

Sizing Issues: Most homeowners assume that the old furnace was the correct size for their home. However, contractors find that old furnaces and heat pumps are often oversized and sometimes undersized for the heating needs of the home.

Gas Leaks: Attaching the new furnace to the gas line is easier said than done. Properly attaching the furnace to the gas line requires care to avoid a dangerous gas leak.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks: When a furnace is installed improperly, the potential for carbon monoxide leaks increases dramatically. This can happen when the furnace flue is not installed properly.

Leaky Duct Work: Typical homes experience up to 30% loss of heating due to leaky duct work. Our assessment of your home will identify and fix leaks, which may lead us to recommend a less expensive furnace or heat pump.

Furnace Won’t Work: If you don’t install the furnace correctly, it may not run. There could be many possibilities including: duct sizing, flue installation, and control wiring that will effect operation. A heating contractor will make sure it is running correctly by performing a proper start up and test procedure.

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Air conditioners and heat pumps are essentially the same outdoor equipment with a small, but critical difference that adds relief to your utility bill.  A heat pump is one that can reverse refrigerant flow, sending hot refrigerant to the indoor heat exchanger (at your furnace).  So… what is the benefit?  During ‘cooler’ weather, the heat pump will heat your home for less $$ than natural gas or propane.

With a relatively modest increase in price over the same air conditioner, many of our customers are finding it to be an easy decision to upgrade.

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We offer boiler replacement services for hydronic heating systems. Choose between standard efficiency boilers or high efficiency boilers. We offer Standard Efficiency and High Efficiency boilers made by Crown, Lennox, and Navien.

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Mountain Heating and Cooling can also swap out your water heater. We offer tank style Standard Efficiency and power vented units from Bradford-White. And…for our high efficiency tankless water heaters, we offer Navien products.

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"This summer I hired Mountain Sheet Metal to install air conditioning in my house. They were just fantastic! Every interaction was pleasant and they’re all so knowledgeable. The work was done quickly and efficiently and they didn’t go over their initial bid. I highly recommend them to anyone."

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