Control nearly everything in your home from nearly anywhere.

Home Automation In Reach for Everyone

Leading the way into home automation, Trane and Nexia have a wide variety of products to fully automate your home.  We focus mainly on efficiency based options here and have a few of them available for purchase. The nice thing is, it all can start with a simple thermostat.  After that, you can simply order additional parts designed to add onto the system through partners like Amazon Prime and add them to your liking.  


Nexia Automation Information:

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Your Smart Home

Anywhere in the world.

Through your Trane thermostat, you can control nearly everything in your home. The Nexia line of products connect through the thermostat and communitcate with each module with wireless Z-waves.

Some of the features and functions seem a bit space age, and we’re into that. At Mountain Sheet Metal, we won’t shy away from the technology. If it makes your life easier and presents peace of mind, we figure it out.

**Does not require a Trane Furnace system.

Energy Tracking

Easily connects to your Wi Fi network. Tracks energy consumption year after year for comparison.

Peace of Mind While on the Go

We know how busy life can be. Nexia can control multiple locations and you can customize notifications to your preference. You can even set it to email your service company when your furnace or air conditioning needs repair.

Home Intelligence on a Budget

The Nexia platform allows you to self monitor your home. Additional features are easy and affordable to install.

Plus, you can find them at large retailers. We make sure the Trane Thermostat is set up and your Nexia site is ready to add any of their many features.

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