Trane Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps: An Economical Fit for Bozeman's Climate

Trane Heat Pumps lead the way for comfort, efficiency and quiet operation. A heat pump can convert your gas furnace system into a high tech 'hybrid' or dual fuel home comfort system.

These systems can make the largest difference in homes with propane fired furnaces, but with increased efficiency and lower temp operation, heat pumps are quickly taking aim at the overall furnace market. Whether you call it 'green' or 'high performance' adding a heat pump to your home makes sense.

Be sure to ask your Home Solutions Advisor about how a Heat Pump could fit into your system.

Variable Speed Heat Pumps

XV Series

*Dual Fuel option

The Trane XV Series Heat Pump offers a high tech approach to better efficiency, comfort and the quietest operation of the all the conventional heat pump systems. Paired with the Trane 'communicating' system platform, the system determines most effective and most efficient operation. When temperatures dip to where the gas furnace is a better option, it automatically switches over.

Be sure to ask your Home Solutions Adviser about how a Heat Pump could fit into your system.

Think of it this way, a variable speed system will operate at only it's needed level under all circumstances.

2 Speed Heat Pumps

XL Series

*Dual Fuel option

The Trane XL Series Heat Pumps offer many of the benefits of the XV series, on a slightly simplified platform. The two speeds refer to the condenser being built with 2 smaller compressors. This allows the system to cool or heat the home on days with lighter demands without ALL of the consumption of the large compressor.

Think of it this way. First speed performs until the home is at 50% of the overall load. After that the second one fires to offer the additional help, up to the peak demand.

1 Speed Heat Pumps

XR Series

*Dual Fuel option

Offering all the built in quality of the Trane condensers, including the legendary climatuff compressor, the XR Series heat pumps can offer a variety of efficiency ratings at a simplified operation.