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Federal and State Tax credits may be available. Utility company rebates are a sure thing.

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Financing Available and Trane Projects

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Recieve up to $1000 on 'Trade In' for qualifying systems. PLUS, get an additional $150 on the highest performing air purifier on the market, the clean effects filter, when added to the 'Trade In'.

High Efficiency Trane Furnaces




The Trane Modulating and Communicating furnace is the top of the line. While it may not be the perfect fit for every project, we're finding it to be extremely easy going in homes. It's forgiving of minor duct sizing issues and technician friendly making it a perfect fit for many furnace replacement jobs. But the best thing is the comfort. We keep hearing how quiet it is and how evenly it heats.

Functions: Modulating gas valve and fan speed, deliver only what is needed to the house making this system a highly efficient and effective system with low noise due to fan speed. With a correctly designed duct system, you'll hardly notice this unit running.

Communicating features offer access to the extreme high efficiency Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Products and make this the only furnace we will install with zoned systems.

Two Stage with Variable Speed Fan


The Trane XV95 is an extremely dependable work horse of high efficiency. With Technology developed and perfected over a 20 year time span, it is tried, true, and delivers a quiet running system at 96% efficiency.

Functions: Two step gas valve offers a high and low fire while variable speed fan can supply air at lower speeds. For many years this furnace was the tops of the tops and for good reason.

Single Stage with Single Speed Fan


The Trane XR95 is a solid value based furnace with all the quality and dependability you expect from a Trane. We take care to correctly design every project for fan capacity, so you can enjoy a quiet, comfortable home.

Functions: Single stage gas valve and single speed fan offer a simple design with the same premium components as the rest of the Trane High Efficiency Furnaces.

For the record I have been extremely happy working with you and your team. Your positive and professional approach to solving issues rather than complaining about them has been refreshing.

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