Variable speed was a game changer for furnaces

And now....for AC?


XV20i - 20 SEER Variable Speed/communicating

XV20i - 20 SEER Variable Speed/communicating

Variable speed offers so many advantages. Where to begin....

-Quietest operation we've ever seen.
-Low power draw on start-up eliminates light flicker.
-'Communicates' with indoor unit to suit your comfort level at the lowest power usage and lowest fan speed possible. What does that mean? Quiet....very quiet.
-Labor savings on installation makes up some of the difference in equipment cost.
-Did we mention quiet. Trane has always been known for quiet compressors, but they've really outdone themselves here.

XV18i - 18 SEER Variable Speed/communicating

XV18i - 18 SEER Variable Speed/communicating

A lightly toned down version of the XV20i, this is a very popular system. Paired with a modulating furnace, the variable speed line offers the best in comfort, quiet operation, and efficiency.

The XV18i is a good value selection for the Bozeman Area for those who select variable speed, due to our relatively low annual hours of operation.

Because of this, it has quickly become our go-to AC system and a technician favorite to install.

XL18i - 18 SEER 2-stage

XL18i - 18 SEER 2-stage

2 stage operation makes this a good efficiency option allowing the condenser to run most days in low stage.

This systems is a good fit for those looking to pair good efficiency and value.

15 SEER Single stage

15 SEER Single stage

We carry two offerings in the 15 SEER range. Both are constucted with the same care and reliabilty as the top end compressors.

Talk to us about these units when initial costs are trying to be managed and a slightly higher efficiency is desired or if efficiency minimums are required by a third party.

XR13 - 13 SEER single stage

XR13 - 13 SEER single stage

Our most basic offering for Trane AC condensers. But do not let that fool you. Tough and reliable from high quality construction, it is a good workhorse for the Bozeman market. While there's no bells or whistles, the XR13 offers consistency and will connect with the entire Nexia platform of home security and management products.

This is a good choice for budget conscious clients who also value the quality construction of Trane products.

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