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Air Purification

We get a fair number of folks asking about air purifiers.  Most commonly, I see one stuffed in the corner of your living room or bedroom while doing a bid. The bottom line is we have some great solutions.  While they get to the same goal a different way, all of the products we carry […]

How to select your HVAC contractor?

We know it’s difficult to wade through the decision making process when it comes to a furnace.  It’s the third largest purchase most people make in their lives and often the one they know the least about.  Plus, you’ve likely heard about bad experiences through friends and neighbors with some shady companies they have endured. […]

Building Permits? Why?

In some ways, Bozeman still is the wild west.  So many companies and individuals want to do projects under the radar.  It’s my belief that isn’t OK.  The permit process is a good one.  While I still have a fight on my hands some days with the building department, they are doing a job which […]

Ducted forced air systems…Let’s get real

One of the things we hear as a negative to ducts and forced air heating is “it’s noisy and/or dirty”.   I’ve been meaning to write a whole series of comparisons of heating system delivery types because their are so many misconceptions about forced air heat. So….it’s real simple.  Ducts do not create dust or […]

Duct Design: The Mountain Sheet Metal difference.

Let’s face it, furnaces and air conditioning are expensive.  Yet, while equipment determines your possible efficiency, duct design determines your actual performance, bills, comfort level, longevity, noise levels…..we could go on. In many new construction projects, we see ducts carelessly sized and designed which either lead the homeowner to ask about hot or cold spots […]

New Construction: Should I add an A/C coil for the future?

We see this more and more.  New homes are going on the market with a line-set installed and  air conditioning coil installed.  Often marketed as Air Conditioning ready, Contractors and real estate agents like the solution because it offers a perceived increase in value for the buyer. There is more to the story.  Some of […]